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DPC Series Belt Driven Piston Compressor

dpc Compressor

DPC Series Belt Driven Piston Compressor

Dinamik belt driven piston compressors are designed to offer the user a reliable, energy savings, robuts and efficient source of compressed air.

Every unit in the Dinamik range of piston compressors have standard safety equipment, hight quality electric motor, air receiver to European standarts CE 87/404 or BSEN 286 full documentation is provided with each machine.

DPC Series Belt Driven Piston Compressor

Dinamik piston compressors are supplied advantage;
• Superior cooling for high efficiency and improved output
• High performance
• Slow running for long life
• Reduced vibrations, which also reduces the noise level
• Economical and efficient
• Manufactured in compliance with CE directive
• Oil level inspection glass
• Full Automatic Channel
• Full overload Protection
• Hight quality pressure sensore
• High quality IP 54 F class insulation
• Advanced design
• Exporty powder painting to quarantee perfect and coating wear.

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